Compliance evolved.

GMARC is a scalable web based application that helps organisations automate, streamline and centralise their governance. We make ascertaining and managing risk, assurance, security and non-compliance simpler.


GMARC was developed in response to real-world governance experience to be the simplest, most effective risk-management tool available.

Modular. Manageable. Effective.


GMARC provides web-based applications comprising a suite of modules.

While greatest efficiency and effectiveness is achieved through the integration of the full suite, we know that GRC can’t be a one size fits all approach. That’s why GMARC is designed to be fully customisable to your specific organisational needs and risk parameters.

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GMARC offers a best practice approach to GRC in a fully flexible manner. If you’re ready to discover better, simpler management, talk to us about a strategic partnership today.

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